Feature Prototyping, Information Architecture, and UI Development for a medical company, focusing on a patient and device management system for home-based oxygen testing.


Innovative, efficient patient and device management system for home-based oxygen testing.

The project involved developing a complex patient and device management system tailored for home-based oxygen testing. My primary role was to understand and translate intricate client requirements into practical features, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.


As a key contributor, I was responsible for gathering detailed feature requirements from the client. These requirements were then skillfully translated into functional prototypes using Figma. Subsequently, I collaborated with two other developers in the UI Development phase, focusing on a robust and intuitive interface.

Technologies Used

  • Design: Figma
  • Development: React, Redux, Bootstrap, MySQL, Postman

Challenges Faced

The project presented a significant challenge in managing a complex information architecture, compounded by the need for a robust role-based access control system. The dynamic nature of requirements gathering was a recurring hurdle, as each new feature implementation revealed additional necessities.


Despite the project not reaching completion, the journey offered valuable insights into handling evolving requirements in a complex medical system. The experience honed my skills in adaptive planning, client communication, and collaborative problem-solving in a high-stakes development environment.